The Bio-Heat system is the first commercially available
heating system to extend the resorption properties of
platelet-rich fibrin.

The first commercially available horizontal
centrifugation specifically designed for the production of
platelet rich fibrin.

Combining the Bio-PRF & Bio-Heat system to
create Bio-Bone, the next level bone grafts
integrating bone grafts with the extended resorption properties of Alb-PRF.

Bio-Heat autologous bone graft with extented resorption properties


The Bio-Heat Technology


The Bio-Heat technology was recently developed as a novel advancement with the aim of extending the resorption properties of PRF from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 months.

The protocol involves an additional heating processing step following centrifugation whereby the platelet-poor plasma (PPP) layer is heated at specific temperatures to denature and reorganize albumin. This drastically extends the working resorption properties of PRF. The Bio-Heat technology has now been extensively utilized in various fields of medicine and dentistry, including facial aesthetics.

Simply stated, by heating and denaturing albumin, a modification in the secondary structure after heating transforms liquid PRF into a tridimensional structure. The heating process consists of a pronounced modification in the surface structure of albumin with in its resorption properties favoring more stability when implanted back into host tissues.

The Bio-Heat system is the first commercial available heating system to extend the resorption properties of platelet rich fibrin.

The Bio-Heat device is a first device that can be utilized as an implantable ‘Filler’ made of 100% entirely natural products!

Bio-Heat | Clinical Use


  • A biological filler in the facial aesthetics (Bio-Filler)
  • A barrier membrane for Guide Bone Regeneration (GBR) procedures
  • Covering the lateral window during sinus lifting
  • Root coverage procedures
  • Management of black triangles in the papilla
  • Insertion into periodontal pockets non-surgically to favor stability



  • 100% Autologous
  • Extended working properties of e-PRF
  • May be utilized as a barrier membrane in GBR procedures
  • Production of a “sticky” matrix for the optimal bone graft handling
  • No Chemical additives

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