Smartbrane pericardium membrane 10 x 10 mm

Smartbrane pericardium membrane 10 x 10 mm

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Smartbrane pericardium membrane 10 x 10 mm

The smallest membrane 10 x 10 mm SMARTBRANE is a resorbable collagen membrane made of porcine pericardium. Thus, it features all benefits of a modern native collagen membrane. In addition to the standard membrane sizes, it is available in a mini format of 10 x 10 mm. This offers a more economic membrane solution especially for regeneration of small bone defects to optimize your cost-benefit structure. SMARTBRANE... features an adequate tensile strength is very adaptable to bony surfaces without sticking to the graft or instrument is very thin (< 0,4mm) for facilitated augmentation and wound closure. ELIABLE RELIABLE Natural collagen matrix preserved by scCO2 cleaning technology for enhanced graft performance SMARTBRANE is made of porcine pericardium and thus presents optimal matrix composition and a natural dense 3D-network collagen structure optimally preserved after scCO2 purification. The preserved natural collagen matrix plays an important role for blood clotting and promotes cell attachment.5 The membrane has a resorption time of 8-12 weeks providing adequate barrier function for usage in standard GBR cases.

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