polySteribox® – Silicone mat, model L

polySteribox® – Silicone mat, model L

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polySteribox® - Silicone mat

Silicon mat insert for the polySteribox®.

All in one: the reusable sterilisation, transport- and storage container.

Highlights: • Sterile reusable container • Reduction of continuous purchasing-, storage- and disposal costs towards disposable blister packaging. • Reduction of working steps due to an easy handling of the box. • With regular visual checks the polySteribox® is maintenance-free. • Due to its semi-transparent material the content of the polySteribox® is visible and can be examined without opening of the box. • Instruments are well-protected against damage and contamination within the polySteribox®. • Sterilization seals indicating if the box has already been sterilized as well as safety seals provide a safe documentation.

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