PerioSafe® Oral Health Flush 300 ml

PerioSafe® Oral Health Flush 300 ml

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PerioSafe oral health toothpaste is Ion-based oral care

PerioSafe oral health flush is suitable for permanent use for the control of oral biofilm between professional cleanings through the use of micro silver, pure silver particles with high surface antimicrobial effects.
Micro Silver (Micro BG) is an innovative physical form of metallic silver. The basis is highly pure, elemental silver, which receives a special sponge-like surface structure in a process developed by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft physical process. In contrast to silver salts micro silver has a depot effect and is continuously silver ions (Ag + ) from. In vitro studies confirmed that the oral mucosa itself is not transparent to the micro silver, because it is silver aggregates with a large surface area and not to Nano silver or colloidal silver.

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