ORALyzer® Digital reader for PerioSafe® og ImplantSafe®

ORALyzer® Digital reader for PerioSafe® og ImplantSafe®

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aMMP8 – The “Golden Standard” of predictive diagnostics – the top innovation of digital readers NEW: Within one minute, the digital assessment of the aMMP-8 chairside rapid test is performed, providing qualitative and quantitative analysis results. The innovative, digital aMMP-8 reader permits you to enter the world of “Predictive Health.” This can be carried out by delegation to your practice team and facilitates a prognostic evaluation of the subclinical inflammatory process. aMMP-8 is the “golden standard” of prognostic saliva analysis for periodontal tissue degradation. In contrast to the well-known BOP method, the positive informative value of aMMP-8 diagnostics is approximately 2-3 times more accurate and is reproducible at any time.

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