Micro scalpels: Folded blade – Size 1 – 5 pcs

Micro scalpels: Folded blade – Size 1 – 5 pcs

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Micro scalpels: Folded blade - Size 1

Sterile single use micro scalpels - BH series Applications: - Approximal incisions (mesial and distal) and interdental spaces - Papillary incisions - Palatal incisions (fl aps and connective grafts samples) - Delicate incisions for mucogingival surgery - Crestal incisions (implantology) - Sulcus incisions in vestibular or lingual areas - Vertical incisions in the anterior area (upper or lower) - Sulcus and papillary incisions in narrow areas, or inaccessible to the blades 15 or 15c MJK Instruments

MJK Instruments scalpel blades have benefit from the exclusive A.A.S. sharpening type (bypass and continuous grinding) that allows smooth incisions by pulling and/or pushing the blade.

Combined with this unique design, the specific angulations of the blades allow to operate easily and precisely in the least accessible areas, and in most cases, with a single line of incision.

Blades are made of high performance sweedish steel Sandvik Bioline ®

Single use (ETO sterilization).

A.A.S. double-bevel sharpening type.

Individual pack in plastic bag.

Compliance with directive EC 93/42.

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