Harvesting Autologous Bone

Intra Oral Bone Harvesting using Safescraper Twist or Micross makes the collection of small amounts of bone cells for GBR procedures a handy procedure. Both instruments collect and store the cells in a compartment ready to be used when needed.

Safescraper TWIST

Safescraper TWIST provides an easy method to obtain ideal autologous cortical bone for grafts in any type of defects with a minimally invasive technique.

Easy to use, Safescraper TWIST makes autologous bone always available in any condition, both for small and large harvests.

The exclusive cutting performance of the blade allows cortical shavings to be collected while preserving maximum cell vitality, which is essential for graft integration. The bone collected is already combined with blood and ready to be positioned in the defect, or it can be temporary maintained in aseptic conditions in the transparent chamber.

Ideal morphology

The cortical bone obtained with Safescraper TWIST looks like an elongated and convoluted shaving of a mean length of 1.3 mm and thickness ranging between 150 and 250 μm

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The only instrument for the Tunnel harvesting technique

Micross is the only bone harvesting device specifically studied for tunnel surgical techniques that minimize post-operation discomfort  The external diameter of the cannula is 5mm and due to its particular shape the instrument can be inserted in tissue tunnels in the intraoral area as the external oblique line, the cortical palatine and the zygomatic process.

Clinical application

Micross allows the harvest of the strictly necessary measure of bone tissue for the treatment of minor periodontal and peri-implant defects, permitting to avoid the use of bone substitutes.

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