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About Puredent™

Puredent: We are a specialised partner for dentists in the tissue regenerative and surgical area with knowledge and solutions that help improve treatments with fewer patient inconveniences and greater predictability for dentists.

It is our experience and enthusiasm that enable us to find products that are not yet available on the Scandinavian market. Some of them are very innovative, while others have set quality standards in their fields for many years.

Common to our solutions is that they can differentiate you from the crowd for the benefit of your patients.

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We work with solutions to support everyday dental workflows such as tooth extraction, bone condensation, and sinus lift, for advanced ridge splitting with, for example, Magnetic Mallet. We are a leader in solutions and knowledge about PRF and have many years of experience both in dentistry and among doctors and veterinarians.

We work closely with suppliers of biomaterials, whether allografts, autografts, synthetic or xenografts, or membranes like NeoGen titanium-reinforced to slowly resorbing membranes. In addition, instruments, perioperative materials, vitamin D tests, and more.

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