OSOPIA Synthetic BCP 0,25 – 1,0 mm, 0,5 cc

OSOPIA Synthetic BCP 0,25 – 1,0 mm, 0,5 cc

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OSOPIA Synthetic BCP 0,25 - 1,0 mm, 0,5 cc

THE SLOW-RESORBING TCP FOR CONTROLLED BONE REGENERATION OSOPIA is a synthetic biphasic calcium phosphate with a TCP/HA ratio of > 90%/10%. It is manufactured using an innovative proprietary process providing a material structure closer to biologically derived bone grafts than with standard synthetic materials. OSOPIA features higher bone ingrowth rates than BCP graft materials and a better controlled cellular-induced resorption pattern compared to standard TCP materials. SUSTAINED REGENERATION: Slow resorption profile providing a continuous remodeling process for 100% vital bone. OSTEOINDUCTIVE: Innovative surface technology inducing uniform bone ingrowth and active regeneration throughout the defect. FULLY SYNTHETIC: Synthetic graft concept designed for maximum product safety and performance.

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